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Adios Max review – Adios fat burner

Effectivness StarStarStarStar
Popularity StarStarStarStarStar
Price StarStarStarStar
Support StarStarStar
Key Ingredient Fucus Dry Extract
Side Effects None
Pack size 100 tablets

Overall Rating


Do you feel that your body processes food slowly and this has lead to an increase in your weight?
Then Adios Max could be the weight loss supplement for you.
Thanks to a large amout of TV campaigns and other advertising you are likely to have heard about Adios and Adios Max.

Adios Max is a herbal weight loss supplement which boosts your metabolism to enable you to burn fat more quickly.

Why buy Adios Max today?

  • Made from Fucus Dry Extract from seaweed
  • Natural herbal weightloss supplement
  • 120mg of Fucus Dry Extract in every little pill
  • High demand means stocks are low – don’t delay!
  • 100 pills per box – a one month supply

Why should you take Adios Max?

  • Boost your metabolism – helping you to burn fat more quickly
  • Reduce your calorie intake
  • Fast and safe weight loss
  • Speed up your weight loss naturally

Boost your metabolism with no side effects

Adios and Adios Max tablets are natural herbal medicines which help speed up weight loss by acting on your body’s metabolism (helping to speed up the rate at which your body converts fat in your body into energy). When taken as part of a calorie-controlled diet with exercise, this can lead to weight loss.

As well as boosting your metabolism, Adios Max will leave you feeling more energised and will help you lose more weight than dieting alone.

With no known side effects this is your perfect weight loss partner.

How does it work?

Adios Max contains a type of seaweed called Fucus which is sometimes referred to as Bladderwrack. Studies have shown that fucus has several beneficial effects on your body.
The main affect, and the reason for it being present in Adios Max is the fact it is reported to help
speed up your metabolism.

This in turn leads to you processing food much more quickly, therefore burning off the fat in your diet much more quickly. If you burn fat faster, your weight loss will become more noticeable more quickly.

Adios Max is

  • Made from Natural Herbal ingredients
  • A Metabolism booster
  • A simple plan – take 1 tablet before each meal
  • Will make you feel more energised

Adios Max is also available in a lower strength formula - Adios

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Using the same metabolism boosting ingredients as its sister product, Adios Max but contains 45mg of Fucus Dry extract per tablet.

It is recommended by the manufacturers of Adios that you begin on the Adios program to start your weight loss program then kick it up a notch with Adios Max.

Adios and Adios Max can help you to lose those unwanted pounds and wear the clothes you have always dreamed of!

Adios and Adios Max are not recommended if you are pregnant, breast feeding, have a thyroid disorder or have an allergy to any of the ingredients contained in Adios and Adios Max.


‘After taking Adios for a couple of months and seeing some decent resultsI decided to give Adios Max a try. After all it is supposed to be stronger so i thought the results would be even better. I wasn’t wrong!

I find that my body seems to digest food much more quickly which means I feel more energetic and the weight has dropped off. I don’t want to reveal my current weight but let’s say I am more than 12 pounds lighter!’ – Rhona

My best friend recommended Adios Max to me after she had seen some impressive results from it. I decided to take it when preparing for my wedding, as I obviously wanted to look my best on my big day. I took Adios Max for 2 months in the run up to my wedding and lost just over 1 stone! – Caroline

The active ingredient in Adios and Adios Max has been shown to speed up your metabolism which in turn ensures you burn any fats you consume more quickly, helping you to lose weight.

Containing only natural herbal ingredients means you can take Adios and Adios Max with confidence and know that you will soon be able to lose weight and feel confident.

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Pure Acai Berry review

PureAcaiBerry- The purest, mostpotentAcai product available

Visit Today
Acai Origin Brazil
Guarantee 6 months – Money Back
Serving Size 1500mg of pure Acai Berry

From $30 per pack

Certifications CITES, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Annex Certificate
Overall Rating

So you’ve heard all about the fast weight loss power, of the humble Acai Berry, right?

Yes it’s true. Acai really can turbocharge your weight loss efforts. And as it’s also packed to the brim with a host of amazing nutrients, including Resveratrol and Anthocyanins. It can also give your overall health a boost too.

And it’s ALL natural, which in a world of scary pharmaceutical side effects, is both refreshing and VERY reasuring.

But my research has uncovered some essential info you need, before you whip out the magic plastic and head towards a slim, sexy and healthy new you!

As with any new weight loss product, there are a host of companies fighting for your hard earned cash. But be warned: NOT ALL ACAI IS CREATED EQUAL.

Don’t worry though, as I’m going to share with you exactly what makes an Acai supplement effective and the one company I have found, that meets all these requirements and more.

Why buy PureAcaiBerry™ today ?
  • Made from the purest, organic, freeze dried, Acai Berry

  • Ingredients clinically proven to suppress your appetite and help you to lose weight
  • 1500mg per day of 100% pure

  • High demand means stocks are low – don’t delay!

  • Pure Acai Berry™ will work for YOU or your money back!
Why take PureAcaiBerry™?
  • Suppresses your appetite – helping you eat less every day

  • Conserve carbohydrates, while shedding fat.
  • Lose 1lb – 5lb per week for fast and safe weight loss
  • Purest Acai money can buy, means best value for your mony

  • Increase your metabolism. Faster metabolism = more weight loss.

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is simply the best you can buy!

Proven credentials -no side effects and no risk to your health

OK, let’s look at exactly what’s absolutely essential, for an Acai product to be effective.

  • It MUST be FREEZE DRIED! Many companies will try and cut costs by using inferior processing techniques, such as spraying or air drying. Don’t be fooled.
  • It must be ORGANIC and have an authentic ORAC rating certificate. Guaranteeing you get the full power of the Acai berry.
  • You need 500mg to 1000mg of ACAI BERRY a day to see real benefits. Anything less will not give you the fast weight loss you have read about.

Check out the following video from FOX News for some tips on what to look out for:

With PureAcaiBerryyou are guaranteed to get:

  • Fast, healthy weight loss!
  • 100% pure Acai, not an extract
  • Zero fillers or binders
  • Organic and FREEZE DRIED complete with ORAC certificate
  • No rip off “Free Trials”. Order when YOU want
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back
  • 1500mgper day of 100% pure ACAI BERRY

Anything other than the purest, organic, freeze dried Acai . . .
is a waste of your time & money.

Unfortunatley many manufacturers will try and convince you otherwise. Don’t be fooled.

With so much press and media a frenzy regarding the weight loss power of the Acai Berry, you could be easily forgiven for diving in and buying the first product you come across.

And that brings me to another essential piece of research I’ve found . . .

Avoid the ‘Free Trial’ products -They only slim your bank account!

PureAcaiBerry™ only available

You may have seen the host of Acai “Free Trial” sites, springing up like a virus across the web. Unfortunatley they look so tempting, it’s easy to fall for their apparent charms.


‘Acai Free Trials” are actually a subscription system where you will be sent a new bottle every month . . . whether you ask for it or not.

Once they get your credit card details, which they tell is just to pay for the shipping costs, they’ll actually bill you every month.

Unfortunately, they bury this fact in the smallprint and you will spend hour after frustrating hour trying to cancel.

And to make it even worse, these scam companies will even charge you at least twice the cost of Pure Acai Berry, but for spray or air dried Acai Berry.

As this costs half the amount to produce and has no where near the effectiveness of freeze dried Pure Acai Berry, you really are spending WAY MORE than you need to.

And don’t forget . . . it’s freeze drying that retains Acai’s weight loss effectiveness. All the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants are lost if it’s not freeze dried.

So just keep in mind . . . Nobody Is Going To Give You Something For Free!

You’ll be relieved to know Pure Acai Berry do not offer free trials. What they do offer is superb value for money. I couldn’t find another product to match them.

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PureAcaiBerry™before stocks run out

Full money-back guaranteeso you can enjoy risk-free weight loss

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the Pure Acai Berry guarantee offers exceptional peace of mind. And it’s a truly rare feeling in this day and age.

They are REALLY putting their money where their mouth is, by offering an amazing
6 month (180 day) TOTAL SATISFACTION or money back guarantee.

So not only will you experience fast weight loss and improved health, you’ll be doing it completely RISK FREE!

After extensive research, I am convinced there is simply no better Acai product available. I’m also convinced that once you try Pure Acai berry . . . you’ll think so too.

In addition, you will receive:

  • 24 hour support via phone and email
  • Full 6 month money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive discount offers
  • Fast, discreet, and free shipping
  • A massive 90 pills per box
  • 1500mg of 100% PURE Acai Berry
    per day
Get your 100% pure Acai Berry
and start losing weight today

As proof towards the purity and quality of Pure Acai Berry ™, they only allow a maximum order of 6 boxes per customer. As demand is so high, it’s obviously difficult to manufacture enough of Pure Acai at this quality level.

And with that demand set to rise, due to growing public awareness, I recommend that you buy as much Pure Acai Berry ™ as you need right now.

Once YOU experience how effective it is, you won’t want to find yourself staring at an ‘Out Of Stock’ messageon their order page!

The limit of 6 boxes per customer could well be lowered, should demand exeed supply for any length of time. After all, it’s an al natural product remember, and you can’t hurry nature along!

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your ideal weight before stock sells out

Phen375 Review – Our recommended fat burner

PHEN375 The best most powerful and legal fat burner available

Phen375 Is a pure synthetic fat burner appetite suppressant,within 2 weeks an average of 10lbs is lost with the majority of users, up to 6 weeks shows an average result of 25lbs with larger built persons losing even more.

This product can be used by both by regular people looking to lose weight and create body transformations, and also athletes who find this extreme fat burning product a huge help in keeping weight down consistently and the huge amounts of extra energy delivered from the product to help whilst in training.

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Clinically Proven
Guarantee See website
Side Effects Minimal

From $69 per bottle

Overall Rating

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Why buy Phen375 today?
  • Made in a FDA regulated lab in california using the highest quality ingredients

  • Ingredients fully synthetic to provide you with the highest fat burning capability possible
  • fast effects felt within 20 mins of taking the tablet you can really feel the energy

  • High demand means stocks are low – don’t delay!

  • 30 tabs free for every 90 count purchased!
Why should you take Phen375?
  • Suppresses your appetite and burns fat

  • Impress friends with the speed and amount of weight loss achieved legally!

  • Lose 2lb – 5lb per week buy those clothes you have always wanted and impress your friends with your new waistline

  • Rapid weight loss achieves blisteringly fast results in the shortest time possible
  • Don’t become another obesity statistic for the government to count

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Guaranteed Results -Fast safe and effective weightloss

Phen375 Is a highly powerful weight loss tablet created in a FDA regulated Lab in California using the highest grade of product ingredients. They possibly have produced the most powerful legal weight loss product currently available without a prescription.

Since the product launch in February 2009 thousands of happy customers have returned to purchase extra 60-90 tab supply’s to further their extreme weight loss results.

Full money-back guarantee

The manufacturers are so confident that Phen375 will work for you that they are offering you a complete45 day money-back guarantee with every order. This means your purchase is not just risk-free to your health but risk-free to your wallet too.

There is no better fat burner available legally. Phen375 is, a powerful potent, rapid weight loss tablet in a bottle, taken daily with water and combined with their free diet plan expect to experience extreme weight loss at it’s fastest pace.

In addition, you will receive:

  • 24 hour support via phone and email
  • Full 45 month money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive discount offers
  • Fast, discreet, and free shipping
  • Free 30 count with every 90 purchase
  • 100% legal effective fat burner Phen375
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and start losing weight today

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